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We buy any motorhome!

"Where can I sell my motorhome?" - we help thousands of customers who have this question every month!

We're the UK's favourite used motorhome buyer - and our motorhome prices are generally 18% higher than any other 'sell your motorhome' service! For motor homes, campervan valuations, and the best campervan prices - you won't find a better service!

If you’re looking to offload your motorhome for some quick, easy cash, WeBuyEveryCaravan is the service for you - we buy any motorhome! In addition to buying caravans and static homes for the best prices possible, we can now offer a valuation to buy any kind of motorhome you have to offer. Whether it’s to get funds towards a newer model, to make some money if you aren’t regularly using it, or if you need some cash quick, we can guarantee a fast, straightforward service that will give you a good deal with no hassle.

Selling a motorhome privately can be a pain – unreliable buyers, untrustworthy sites, a low valuation, and slow communication haggling can make the process slow and difficult. Not to mention that some dealers might not give you the best price for your vehicle! At WeBuyEveryCaravan, we promise to give you the best valuation for your motorhome, and to take you through the free valuation and purchase process as fast as you need us to.

That fact that we buy any motorhomes means there's no paying for any expensive adverts that don’t get you anywhere, no waiting around for motorhome buyers who are nowhere to be found, and no haggling over a valuation with dealers who are trying to rip you off – just an uncomplicated service that guarantees speed, quality, and money based on the true value of your motorhome!

What kinds of motorhome do you buy?

As a company that has established a trusted reputation in buying caravans and static homes, we understand that there’s no such thing as a standard motorhome – most have various adjustments, additions and alterations to match the lifestyle of the owner. So we mean it when we say that we’ll buy any motorhome – no matter the make, model, age, valuation, size or condition!

Is there many steps to the process of selling my motorhome?

We make the process of selling your motorhome as quick and easy as possible, with only three straightforward steps:

·       You complete a form with details (registration number, make, model - etc) about your motorhome

·       We give you the best possible valuation

·       If you accept, we come and collect your motorhome for free!

No haggling, no slow communication – just quick cash for your motorhome!

Do I get a free motorhome valuation?

Yes! If you're hoping to sell your motorhome, we offer a free motorhome valuation. Our team of experts with years of combined experience in buying and selling motorhomes will value your motorhome through a number of factors, giving you the best possible deal based on a cutting edge knowledge of the market. 

If you like the price you see when we give you a free valuation, we'll buy your motorhome quickly - saving you the stress of a private sale.

How can give a free valuation for my motorhome without seeing it?

There are certain guides that suggest how much a motorhome will be worth based on factors like age, condition and make - and these give us a good starting point for each valuation.

However, it doesn't stop there. We've created the UK's biggest network of traders and specialist motorhome buyers - so we'll contact each of them with the make/model of your motorhome - and we'll compare the prices, making sure you get the very best offer.

Some of our traders are looking for specific motorhomes, so if you've got a make/model that they're keen to buy - there's a very good chance we'll be able to offer you much more than 'book' price. In fact, our bids are generally 18% higher than any other 'sell my motorhome' valuation service.

If we know that a motorhome is in the condition you have told us it is, then our experts can easily work out the best price we can buy your motorhome for!

I want to sell my motorhome, but it's still got finance on it – will you still buy it?

Looking to sell your motorhome with an outstanding finance balance? No problem.

We know that many people may still have finance on their motorhome when wanting to get a valuation and sell, and many people successfully sell motorhomes with finance on every day. At WeBuyEveryCaravan, we buy motorhomes with finance every day - so we’ll take you through this process to help make it as smooth as possible, while ensuring that the finances of everyone involved are protected.

How quickly can you buy my motorhome?

If you let us know that you need your motorhome bought urgently for whatever reason, we’ll make sure to guide you through the free valuation and sale process and get you an offer on your model as soon as we can.

Can you promise to give me the best valuation for my motorhome?

A good deal for you means a good deal for us, and we’re passionate about making sure every single one of our customers receives the best possible valuation for their motorhome. We won’t just give you the first price we come across – we’ll look around to find you the best price, and explain in detail how we've got to this valuation when we talk to you.

Do you buy motorhomes all year round?

We understand that when looking to sell your motorhome privately, many of the buyers will be interested on a seasonal basis, with spring and summer being the most popular times to buy. This doesn’t apply at WeBuyEveryCaravan – all year round, if you want to sell your motorhome, we’ll want to offer a valuation and buy it!

Will you pay me securely?

Yes. Security is absolutely vital for us and our customers.

We will transfer whatever we have offered you for your motorhome directly into your bank account in a lump sum, so that you have access to your money as soon as possible! We won’t use any dodgy channels to pay you, and we can guarantee you will receive your cash safely and securely.

Here at WeBuyEveryCaravan, we exceed strict Government Guidelines when it comes to data security - and your bank transfer will come from our Lloyds Business bank account dedicated to customer payments.

Will you come and collect my motorhome?

In most circumstances, we will happily come and collect your motorhome from wherever it is, whether that’s at your own home or in storage elsewhere. You are free to choose a time that suits you, and we’ll aim to pick up as soon as you want us to. You could even use the money we've sent by bank transfer to pay off any storage costs!

Will I be able to ask questions and find out more about the process?

Absolutely! If you're planning to sell your motorhome, we promise to treat you like a person, not just another number in our system. Our fantastic customer service is dedicated to making selling your motorhome as simple and painless as we can, and are happy to answer any questions you might have about any stage of the process - from valuation, to the moment we buy.

What if I change my mind and decide not to sell my motorhome?

Throughout our valuation and buying process, you're never under any obligation to sell your motorhome.

Whether you’ve only just sent off your form or whether your motorhome is all set to be picked up, it’s your motorhome and your decision – we understand that you might change your mind for a huge range of reasons, and fully respect your right to withdraw from selling to us.

We will ask that you let us know with as much notice as possible if you change your mind though - many of our dealers travel hundreds of miles to buy specific motorhomes - so we just ask people to consider this to reduce any possible inconvenience.

Why should I use WeBuyEveryCaravan?

At WeBuyEveryCaravan, we value our customers, and have built up a stellar reputation through our quick and polite customer service, the simplicity of our process, and by giving you the best deal possible. 8 out of 10 customers chose to sell with us through word of mouth as a direct result of this reputation, which we established by being a highly professional service who value our customers and want to provide them with the best deal possible. We deal with our clients in a respectful, efficient, and fair way, and promise not to sell your details; because of this, we’re known as one of the best companies in the business. We aren’t a company with an agenda, and we won’t just use you to maximise our profits – we ensure that every customer receives a fair price.

Of course, motorhomes aren’t one size fits all, and are far less common than cars, so it’s hard to easily compile information yourself on what your motorhome could be worth. If you want yours to be valued, it’s best to go to people who know what they’re doing. We have huge amounts of experience with motorhomes of all kinds, and we know what a good deal on a motorhome is, so if you work with us, you know that you’ll be getting a fair deal based on a deep knowledge of the industry.

So if you’re considering selling your motorhome and want to make sure that you’re getting good service and a great price, fill in our form for a quick valuation and start selling with us today!

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