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Making a touring caravan valuation

As you know by now – we deal with and buy every type of caravan! Along with static caravans, touring caravans or 'tourers' are one of the UK's most popular holiday choices – hook it up to the back of your car and anywhere in the country (or beyond!) is within your reach.

Although they can be great fun, our experience suggests that touring isn't for everyone – while you might have enjoyed it for a while, the upkeep, towing and general infrequent use of a caravan means we often get asked:

How much is my touring caravan worth?

There's no solid answer to this question – as you probably realised when you bought it, there are thousands of different manufacturers, types, models and specifications – as well as a host of accessories that you can add on.

All of these things can influence the price – and that's why we make sure we use the most trusted industry guides to give us a good point to work from. 'Guide' prices ensure consistency across the industry – a vital protection for you when you're selling. If a buyer is basing their offer for you on a guide price, you can be sure that you're being dealt with fairly.

So, since we're not able to list every price for every caravan model over the years, the question we'll aim to answer is:

How do you calculate how much is my caravan worth?

The very first thing we'd say is don't worry! Selling your caravan isn't going to be a headache - you're in good hands:

"We Buy Every Caravan helped value my caravan and ensured I actually got a little bit more for it than I thought I would! No messing around, just a couple of calls to confirm some details then a visit that had the whole thing wrapped up in minutes! Perfect!"

These are things we'll take into consideration:

The caravan's exterior

Don't worry, we're not expecting perfection – after all, it's likely to have been pulled along the motorway at 60mph+! What tend to look for evidence that the caravan's been kept in a nice, clean and tidy state. If a caravan's clean on the outside it's likely that a person's looked after it on the inside too.

The interior

There are so many different variations of interior layout for touring caravans! The person who comes to see you caravan will need to have a look inside to make sure we're giving you the maximum amount possible – some layouts are more desirable than others – which means more money for you too!

Some people make changes to the inside of their touring caravan – that's no problem, we just need to factor any changes or interior damage into our price. Don't worry if there are any little jobs that need doing, with our industry contacts we can have those done a lot more quickly and cost effectively than a private individual taking their caravan back to the dealer.


A lot of people ask us if accessories can be factored in when we value your caravan – and the truth is; it depends! But don't worry – we'll always be honest with you – so if you can get a better price by including those accessories then great, we'll make sure we do you the best deal possible.

There are a huge number of accessories out there – from awnings and steps to radio controlled moving aids and TV aerials! If those accessories aren't going to make any difference to the price, we'll let you know – that way you'll be able to sell them privately to make even more money back.

Insurance claims

The nature of moving a caravan a lot means that insurance claims to have repairs done are not uncommon.

We do need to know about insurance claims as they can affect the value of the caravan – but don't worry, we're not trying to catch you out and offer you less money, instead, we'll look over any repair that's been done and make sure the workmanship is of the highest standard.

Don't forget – we really do buy every caravan, so there's no problem if work has been done – we just want to offer you the highest possible price!

Outstanding finance

Most people buy their caravans using a finance package – but don't worry, that doesn't mean you can't sell. We've got lots of experience when it comes to dealing with outstanding finance on caravans and we can explain exactly how it works. It's important that we know about it though – that way we can support you to have all the information you need to hand when it comes to us buying your caravan. It usually means a couple of extra phone calls, but it's nothing stressful and it's quickly dealt with!

The reason for selling

We'll normally ask why you're thinking of selling your caravan. Don't worry – we're not being nosey, we just know that there are different ways we can help depending on what your circumstances are. We pride ourselves on giving the best caravan advice you'll find, so whatever you reason for selling, we guarantee we'll have supported people in a similar way before.

What's more, you can be certain that we'll always speak to you without any judgement and in the strictest confidence. Trading up?

Around 1 out of every 5 enquires we receive is from someone who's looking at upgrading their caravan in one way or another. Perhaps that means you're looking for something newer, a different layout – or perhaps you're sick of towing and would like to look at either a static or a motorhome?

Whatever your plans, we can always help! Rather than just buying your caravan, we can look at the stock that we have access to right across the country and work out an amazing part exchange deal! That includes hundreds of holiday parks and lots of traders who deal in different caravans. You can often get a better price for your caravan if you'd like to trade-in – so let us know – we'll be delighted to help you find your next dream caravan!

What's next?

We Buy Every Caravan operates on a great philosophy – stress-free and simple for you is stress-free and simple for us! Fill in some caravan details in the form on this page and we'll get back to you as quickly as we can!

We know you'll be delighted with our service – all we ask is you tell your friends what a wonderful experience you've had!