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How can I sell my static caravan?

Statics, holiday homes, lodges, park homes – there are lots of different names, but for ease we refer to them all as 'static caravans' – and the good news is – we buy static caravans!

Although we're undoubtedly keen to buy your static, we realise that people often just want an answer to this question:

How can I sell my static caravan for cash?

Let us run you through some of the options!

To the park:

In some instances, the holiday park that you currently keep the caravan on might ask for 'first refusal' of the caravan - this usually means they'll want to know that you're planning on selling your caravan and will make you an offer on it. To be very clear – you don't have to accept this offer. The caravan is yours and you can't be held to ransom by a park who are offering you a very small amount for it. 99.9% of parks won't try to pull the wool over your eyes – but we have encountered this in the past. If you've under any uncertainty about your options – fill in some details in our form and we'll get in touch to explain everything you need to know.

If a park makes you an offer for the holiday home you'll tend to find it's what's referred to as 'bottom book' price – meaning the lowest possible price based on industry guides. Don't be offended by this – parks need to make a profit to keep their gates open – it just means you might walk away a little disappointed.

Private sale on your park:

You are entitled to sell your caravan to someone who plans on keeping the caravan on the park and using it in the same way you've been doing. The park will need to be involved with this as it means this new person is going to be responsible for the upkeep and running costs – as well as abiding by the park rules.

In our experience, selling to a new owner is the most time-consuming of the options; you'll need to advertise (often spending a lot of money to do so), make meeting arrangements, be willing to spend a lot of time showing people around – and that's before going back and forward signing and agreeing the relevant paperwork with your park.

If you've got the patience this can sometimes make you a little more than any other option – but it depends on the time of year and the demand for you park. We encourage people to put a value on their time when they're selling privately; advertising, taking a couple of days off work and paying for petrol costs backward and forward can soon add up and make a dent in the price you're asking.

Holiday parks also tend to take a commission for selling your van too. Sometimes they'll refer to this as an 'admin' fee – but it's worth checking with them what this cost is upfront and whether it comes out of your money or the buyer's.

To a caravan trader:

If you sell your holiday home to a caravan trader you'll first have to track a few down! Traders tend to deal almost exclusively with park operators and buy holiday homes in bulk – however, they will occasionally work with individuals. When you've found a few traders, you'll need to be at the caravan so they come and look at it. They'll usually make you an offer there and then – but it's worth getting a few offers to make sure their price is fair.

Selling to We Buy Every Caravan:

The most common feedback we receive from customers is quite how simple we make the processing of selling your caravan! Simplicity means 'stress-free' – and that's what we aim for!

We take the leg-work out of the selling process for you. We work with a huge number of caravan traders and industry bodies to ensure you're getting the absolute best price in a time that suits you.

Our experience is the sole reason we can do this for you. Over the lengthy time we've worked in the industry we've made connections with an unbelievable number of static caravan buyers and have bought and sold literally thousands of caravans – so we know who'll offer the highest prices and give the most reliable service to our valued customers.

Why we offer the best service and prices

Unlike many other caravan buying companies we strive to give you the highest price possible for your caravan. We do so because we've got a great reputation to uphold! We've considered the quickest, most efficient and reputable buying service in the UK – and that's because we focus on service instead of profit.

Rather than try to maximise income for ourselves – we realise that offering the best prices will win us customers who tell everyone they know about what a great service they've had! Ultimately, it's better for us to buy every caravan possible than it is to take advantage and make a lot of money from people who are desperate to sell.

Always sell safely

People sometimes think it's strange for us to suggest that they sell their caravan 'safely' – but there are shortcuts that can leave you exposed to issues. The biggest one relates to selling your caravan to a new private individual without the park knowing.

When parks take a commission or charge large fees for helping you to sell to a new owner who'll keep it on the site it can be tempting to make an agreement with a potential buyer not to tell the park and minimise costs for everyone involved – and while this might look financially smart, it's actually a financial minefield.

The person who's bought has no legal liability for the caravan, meaning any costs that are incurred are payable by you. We've seen instances where this has happened – at first with no problems, but later a buyer has changed their mind and walked away from the caravan – leaving you still paying running costs and charges for something you don't own. Worst still, if they've incurred debts or taken money for holiday bookings – you can find yourself in trouble with the law.

Doing it the right way

Whatever your situation, financial or otherwise – We Buy Every Caravan will do everything possible to make sure you walk away from the sale of your caravan happy! So, whether you're keen to sell right away – or want some advice – you can get in touch with us to make sure you're on the right path!

"I'm glad I chose We Buy Every Caravan to buy my static caravan, we'd been messed around by so many people who told us they were interested only to let us down. We contacted you and 2 days later we had money in our hand!"