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How much is my static caravan worth?

Static caravans are sometimes known as 'static holiday homes', 'holiday homes', 'park homes' or even 'lodges'. A lodge is slightly different as it's often constructed from 2 parts that are put together on the park.

Regardless of the particular type or what it's known as – we really do buy every caravan!

Unfortunately, we can't give you a solid list of prices here - there are so many different makes, models and variations. Instead, we suggest you fill out some basic details in our form and send them through to us – we'll do everything we can to find you an unbeatable price!

How will someone value my static caravan?

There are a number of factors that dictate a static caravan valuation.

Firstly, there are industry guides that are published each month, these are an important part of valuing a holiday home as they ensure you're protected as a customer – making sure fair prices are given for whatever kind of caravan that's being bought or sold.

That guide price gives us a starting point from which to work, from there we'd look at:

The exterior condition

A caravan that's been kept clean and well maintained is usually a sign of a caravan that's been generally well looked after. The condition of the chassis under the van is important too, caravans that have spent their life close to the sea can sometimes corrode – although this is rare.

Don't worry if the person who values your caravan has a look around the outside and underneath, it's important to have all the information so that we can offer the very best price!

The interior

The person who comes to look at your caravan will definitely want to have a look inside. When caravans are made they are often configured with different interior designs – ranging from 2 to 3 (and very occasionally 4!) bedrooms – so to find the right guide price we need to check the layout.

There are instances where people modify the inside of the caravan too. That's fine, but it's another important factor to check – as well as any damage that might have occurred.

Don't worry though; remember that we're in the caravan business – so if there are any little repairs or jobs that need doing, we can usually do those a lot more cost effectively that an external contractor or your park maintenance team.

Double glazing and central heating

Some holiday homes come with central heating and double glazing fitted as standard – these are quite desirable features with our unpredictable British weather!

We'd check these things over to make sure they're in tip-top condition and fully working. There's not a great deal to go wrong with these things so assuming they're fine it's another tick in the 'excellent condition' box!

Insurance claims

It's helpful to know if a caravan has required any insurance work done to it. There are instances where caravans have been flooded or had burst pipes that have led to water damage. This generally isn't an issue as insurance certified teams do a great job of repairs – but it can sometimes leave watermarks.

Don't worry if we ask about previous damage, we're not trying to catch you out – just getting all the information we need to check that repairs have been done well!

Outstanding finance

Most people purchase their holiday homes using a finance package. If this has been provided by the park or company that you've bought the caravan from then it can sometimes hinder selling that caravan on – but don't worry!

Our team have extensive knowledge of caravan finance and how you can safely sell and satisfy all parties. We'll need to know about any outstanding finance before we commit to buying – so please don't worry if we ask, we're not snooping, we're just making sure we have all the information so we can offer the right price and make sure you're protected!

The reason for sale

We usually ask people why they're thinking of selling their holiday home. This isn't us being nosey! We just know that there are lots of different situations that lead to someone wanting to sell – and we can often help out in more ways than one.

We're more than happy to give you some information on what we believe would be the best way forward for you. In our decades of working in the caravan industry we've helped and advised customers who are experiencing financial difficulties, going through divorce or separation, handling a bereavement and much more.

Be assured that when you contact us, you'll be spoken to in a completely understanding and non-judgemental manner. Whatever it is you're experiencing, we've encountered it before and we're happy to help.

Part exchange?

We often have people get in touch with us because they're looking at upgrading to a different model or type of holiday home. While the park you keep you caravan on might offer this as a service if you want to buy your new holiday home from them – they might not be able to help if you're looking at purchasing a slightly different kind of caravan – but that's where we're different!

We have a network of industry contacts that deal with every kind of caravan there is! If you want to change your static for a tourer – no problem. Fancy exploring the world in a motorhome? We'll find you an unbeatable deal! What happens next?

We just ask that you complete the form on this page with as many details as you have to hand – and we'll do the rest! We'll get in touch with a valuation as soon as we physically can! From there, we might need a little more information about some of the details we've mentioned above – but don't worry if you don't know specifics. We'll continue to tailor the quote you've been given to your exact needs and details.


When it comes to picking up your caravan, we'll make all the necessary arrangements we need with the park. We cover all the costs associated with transporting your caravan too.

We aim to make the process entirely stress-free for you – we know that if we do, you'll tell your friends what a great service we've provided!